Lesley Holland


  • Baby
  • 12 months+
  • 18 months+
  • School age

Contact details:

  • 01534 859388

  • 07797 852797

  • lesley.holland14@hotmail.com

  • St. Martin

Non smoker, References available, Cooked lunches.

Visits to toddler groups, Meet friends with other children.

Visits to the zoo, visits to the beach, visits to the Parks, Baking, Artwork, walks around the countryside.

Qualifications held are:- Family Child Care Course, Foundation Stage, Meeting the Needs of Children under 2yrs, Using the Local Environment, Fire Safety, First Aid / HIV + AIDS Awareness Training, Child Protection Training, Managing Biting, Managing Challenging Behaviour and am Foundation Stage at Home Curriculum Qualified.

I have been a Family Child Carer for the past 10 years and try to arrange varied activities for the children in a fun filled caring environment.

The play area in the home has a large range of toys, musical play toys, books and puzzles.

There is a safe garden for outside play with a variety of large toys and sandpit.

The children have a lot of fun on the various outings and activities we do each day.

Organising the day for play.

Getting ready for the holidays.

A healthy and safe environment for children under five years of age.

Gardening, watching things grow.

Lesley is registered to care for 5 children.