Registered Childminders

Registered Childminders

We list a large number of registered childminders in Jersey and their current availability.



Detailed info on registered childminders for parents.



We run regular playgroups for both registered childminders children and the general public.

JACC Contact information:

Telephone: 07797 868 770


Designated Safeguarding Lead


In 1986 a group of local childminders began meeting once a week at the Toc H community centre. Following a visit from Sue Griffin, the South West region training co-ordinator for NCMA (National Childminding Association) our local group was formed. Since then the JACC (Jersey Association of Child Carers) has grown considerably and we now have approximately 45 members, this is the majority of all Registered Childminders in Jersey at the moment.

Our Website

The original JACC website was launched in June 2007. It has grown from strength to strength and been used by more and more people. The feedback from parents using the website has been positive, with special mention being made to the personalised vacancies.

This new revised JACC website was launched in May 2021. Every association member has the opportunity to advertise their childcare services including photos, by way of a personal profile with their home marked on the google map of Jersey. This is aimed at assisting parents seeking childcare in convenient locations.

The parents’ page has information about the requirements of registration, child ratios and sample questions to ask to a potential registered childminder.

Benefits for JACC members

Our members can access a 10% discount on first aid courses and then receive a £15 refund on the cost, funded by the Jersey Child care Trust.

We have negotiated a 10% discount at Paperclix upon production of your JACC membership card.

Registered Childminder/Parent Agreements are available on joining the association, which is to be signed by Registered Childminder and parent when agreeing terms. The association will only support members using the current agreements. Members are reminded that agreements should not be amended and only JACC members are permitted to use them.

JACC members may also join our private Facebook group where there are regular posts of news, help, advice, social interaction and often child care vacancy requests.

Last, but by no means the least important of any benefit is the opportunity to meet up with other Registered Childminders at our playgroups and gain help and support, discuss any problems or issues you have and make friends.

We have a number of social evenings throughout the year where we can enjoy friendships, let our hair down, have a good time and recover from the stresses and strains of the job!