Juliet Lumsden


Contact details:

  • 07700 325037

  • strangemanagh@suremail.je

  • St. Peter

Hi, I’m Juliet. I am a registered childminder with over 21 years experience working with children under 5. I live with my partner and my mother has an adjoining flat to us. We have a large back garden with a section for ducks and chickens. As an animal lover I also have cats and a dog. Busy but fun!
I provide a warm, loving and caring home from home experience for the children in my care. I plan our day around the children’s interests and abilities, incorporating the outside area as much as possible.
I have a Zoo membership and make use of this as well as our beautiful surroundings. I also meet up with other childminders to encourage socialisation skills.
I am a keen cook and as such, provide healthy breakfasts and lunches along with snacks. These are both varied and freshly made with the children as involved in the creation as much as possible. This could simply be shopping for ingredients, collecting them from the garden to helping to prepare them. I also try to grow some produce, another activity for the children to be involved in, from planting to watering and nurturing, to cooking and eating. Collecting eggs from the chickens is also a fun thing to do!
I have all of the relevant and up to date qualifications as per the Requirements of Registration which include NNEB, First Aid, Safeguarding, Food Hygiene Lvl 2, Toilet Training, Sleep Training, Language for Life, Car Seat Safety and Fire Safety.
Where possible, I am able to pick up and drop off, but this is dependent on times and area.
If you feel that this is an environment your child would enjoy and thrive in, please get in touch.

Juliet is registered to care for 6 children