Josie Hogge


Contact details:

  • 01534 789864

  • 07797 776012


  • St. Helier

I am married with three school age children, we live on Trinity Hill, just past Waitrose, perfect if you work in town.

I provide a loving caring atmosphere, where your little ones can thrive.

We will go on many different outings such as Durrell, parks, Jersey heritage sites, play zones, library, playgroups etc. giving a wide variety of activities to help your little ones become well rounded people who are happy and confident. I meet up with a small group of other registered childminders giving the children chance to form friendship groups and learn how to play with other children.

We also spend time in the home doing arts and crafts, story time, sometimes baking, and just having lots of fun. I have a wide range of age and stage appropriate toys and books.

I provide a daily WhatsApp chat, where I send information and pictures of what your child has been up to

I am up to date in my first aid and child protection training, and have been on all the relevant registered childminder courses. I keep on doing regular courses to keep up good practice and knowledge of child care.

I don’t have any space at the moment, however please feel free to contact me for any further information you may require.

Josie is registered to care for 5 children.